15 Best Free jQuery Parallax Scrolling Plugins 2017

Jquery parallax scrolling plugins are the most useful way which creates effects in websites. These plugins will help you to develop amazing websites. Jquery parallax scrolling is very useful in the latest web design trends. Jquery parallax scrolling plugins give special effects to a website which helps to attract visitors. With the help of normal

Don’t Miss the Chance to Grab Some Prizes When Hanging Out on Social Networks

The amount of time we spent on social media is increasing like crazy. That may sound surprising, but the average person spends around two hours on social media every single day, without even noticing it. In a lifetime perspective, it will be 5 years! And I’m not even talking about people whose work is connected

25 Premium & Free Responsive HTML5 Templates 2017

Responsive HTML5 templates 2017 specially designed for corporate websites. All of templates feature a responsive layout and having powerful features. HTML5 templates are one of the most popular searched keywords from all over the internet. It is popular because the growing require of html5 websites and it gives amazing flexibility and features for users. HTML5

21 Free iPhone 7 Mockup PSD Templates 2017

Free iPhone 7 mockup psd templates are designed for high-resolution presentation file all layers are arranged in a full set of front and back. Apple has released its epic iPhone 7 last week on their event. We haven’t seen more different from iPhone 6s. However, in terms of hardware capabilities, they have improved a lot.

15 Best Free Online Website Builder 2017

Free online website builder 2017 is perfect way to create powerful websites for user. These free website builders are packed with lot of amazing features. Online website builders are one of the greatest ways to create a beautiful website. These free online website builder packed with lots of pre-built website templates, so you can easily

16 Best Free Responsive HTML5 Frameworks 2017

We present best free responsive html5 frameworks 2017 with cross browser compatible features. These are responsive html5 frameworks as well as lightweight. Responsive HTML5 frameworks are used to develop a website in less time and effort. HTML5 frameworks decrease your repeating css3 programming tasks which saves a lot of time and energy of users. These

Secret Guide for Winning Prizes when Hanging Out on Social Networks

A craze of social networks is far from losing its spin. We use social networks to follow the daily updates of our friends, chat with people from all over the world and share valuable insights that we’re excited about. We think of ourselves in terms of social networks: our profile page is a briefing of