Secret Guide for Winning Prizes when Hanging Out on Social Networks


A craze of social networks is far from losing its spin. We use social networks to follow the daily updates of our friends, chat with people from all over the world and share valuable insights that we’re excited about. We think of ourselves in terms of social networks: our profile page is a briefing of who and what we are.


Are you worried that you just flush off your time in social networks? Endless scrolling, millions of likes you give and receive, day-long chatting on the sofa. Don’t take it that negative. I’ve got a way for you to transform your lurking in social networks into a captivating game with mouth-watering prizes. Interested? Let’s see what I’m talking about.


Recently, TemplateMonster, one of the leading website template providers, launched a contest that has an excellent prize pool. This company is one of the giants of template industry, and they can afford giving away wonderful prizes, with the paramount being Tesla Model S premium car.


Social Stock is a contest where you earn prizes for spreading a word about TemplateMonster bestselling templates for website creation. I’m sure some of your friends might be thinking of launching a website. Help them out by offering a good template with 10% discount. Let’s see what you need to do to enter the contest Winning Prizes on Social Networks.

Contest rules

  1. First of all, register of the contest. There are no entering requirements. You’re eligible.
  2. Get a 10% unique personal promo-code. Anyone using this promo-code will get 10% off any TemplateMonster template.
  3. Share the promo-code with your friends on social networks. From my experience, such sharing is also a great way to meet and greet more people outside the circle of your friends.
  4. Earn points for each promo-code use and choose prizes according to the points you have.
  5. Select a prize or keep collecting points to get a larger one. Enjoy your victory!

I guess this is not that hard. There are no deadlines and no limitations in terms of social networks to spread the word in. You’ll see the points you’ve earned in your personal profile of a Social Stock Contest participant, and the prizes that are available for you will highlight. Learn more from the video Winning Prizes on Social Networks:

Now, we come to the most intriguing part of this post. I’m sure you are dying of curiosity to learn what the prizes are.

Social Stock Contest Prizes

  • For 10 uses of your promo-code you get $100 on PayPal. These are real money that you can spend for whatever you like. PayPal is recognized globally, so I think you’ll find the way to spend $100 with no complications 😉
  • For 20 uses of your promo-code you earn Pebble Smartwatch, a fashionable waterproof gadget that works with Mac and Android.
  • For 50 uses, you get IPAD Mini 4 touchpad with 7.9 inch Retina display. Actually, can I have one please? (I haven’t earned enough points yet).
  • For 100 uses, you get Iphone 7. No explanation needed 😉
  • For 250 uses, you get Canon IOS 6D, a professional photo-camera that will make your photos real pieces of art. It has a full-frame 20.2 megapixel sensor and records high-quality HD videos.
  • For 500 uses, you get MacBook Pro with powerful Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM.
  • For 1000 uses, you become a real motorhead with the legendary Harley Davidson Street motorcycle. This is just like making your dream come true.
  • And finally, for 10,000 uses of your promo-code, you win Tesla Model S, the best electric vehicle in the world.

This is how TemplateMonster makes dreams come true. I can’t express, how I feel about these gifts, and, I think, you share my rapture:


Some Tips and Tricks

I’ve got some tips for those of you who are with me. These tips will help you get more people listen to your advice.

  • First of all, TemplateMonster offers you some tools to fight for your contest prizes. On the Social Stock Page you’ll find free memes for social networks, text messages, different samples of ready-made messages, and a solution for sending bulk messages with the promo-code to all your contacts at once. Get hold of these tools and you’ll be one step closer to the prizes.
  • Secondly, Social Stock Contest is a great chance to find new friends. If you’re reading this post, you’re interested in web design Winning Prizes on Social Networks. Find more people with the same passion and share your promo-code with them.
  • Thirdly, to sound persuasive, spend a parcel of your time learning about the bestsellers of TemplateMonster. This is a great way to get to know how a website of 2017 should look and function. Below, you’ll find some of them with the links to explore more to get you started:

    Monstroid2 Groundbreaking Multipurpose WordPress Theme


    Details |

    Intensive Experience: Responsive Multipurpose Website Template

    Intense Multipurpose Website Template

    Details |

    Outstanding Jumerix Multipurpose Joomla Website

    Winning Prizes on Social Networks

    Details |

    Eveprest: Super-functional PrestaShop Multipurpose Responsive Shop


    Details |

    Premium Magetique Responsive Magento 2 Store Design


    Details |

    Flexible Store Multipurpose OpenCart Template


    Details |

    I wish you win great prizes in this contest! Do not forget to drop me a line here if you win a prize. This will be just super-exiting, and we’ll all celebrate with you.

    If you have any questions or comments, you’re more than welcomed to share them in the Comments section below.

    Stay tuned!

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