Don’t Miss the Chance to Grab Some Prizes When Hanging Out on Social Networks


The amount of time we spent on social media is increasing like crazy. That may sound surprising, but the average person spends around two hours on social media every single day, without even noticing it. In a lifetime perspective, it will be 5 years! And I’m not even talking about people whose work is connected with it. Now, total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming.Don’t get me wrong, we are not complaining here. We are looking for further ways to benefit from it.

Have you ever wondered how to use your time onsocial networksmore productive? You probably have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. Make them work on you a bit too! Earning some money, winning cool prizes can be as easyas snapping your fingers.


Have you ever heard of Social Stock Contest?

Social Stock Contest is a contest for users who want more. It’s runned byTemplate Monster, one of the leaders on the template market. Briefly, it’s all about pre-made websites even beginner can customize up to their needs. It can become blog, online shop, photo-gallery, everything you can only imagine. TamplateMonster just helps to make the whole process of starting a new webpage a pleasant thing. All the themes are coming with great design, huge lots of useful features, necessary documents and amazing customer support, available 24/7. This spring they decided to make life of their clients even better by giving an awesome chance to win tempting prizes, just by surfing the net and saying a word for amazing templates. Yep, it’s that easy.


How Do I Take Part in the Contest?

1. First step is to register in the contest. There are no special entering requirements. Everybody can.
2. Get a personal promo-code with -10% on every TemplateMonster product. Important to mention that everybody who uses this (yours) code will get 10% off any template. Not only you.
3. Now just share it! The more you are into social media, the more followers you have. Couple clicks and everybody already knows about the promo-code they can use. Can’t imagine that people can miss the opportunity to save some money.
4. Earn points for every time somebody uses your promo-code.
5. And voila! You can decide which prize do you want. Even more, you can start collecting your points and get a bigger prize!

It doesn’t sound tough. I can bet you have some friends in your circle, who wanted to start their own webpage for ages or were just thinking about it. You can do everything at once. Win something nice and helpful for you and help them! Sharing is caring.
To help you here there lots of informative, helpful, cute and even funny things created for your convenience! You will be provided with everything necessary to make sharing easier. Funny memes to catch attention, quick text-messages for clearing details. If you are too lazy to write long letters, there are different samples of ready messages for you. Even more, you will have a possibility to send the code to all your contacts at once. The info will be spreading around you with the speed of light with these amazing tools.


The Best Part: Prizes

Now, we come to the most exciting part of this post. Let’s find out what prizes are waiting for you!

  • 10 uses of your promo-code will bring you $100 on PayPal account. Nice bonus if you are collecting money for something bigger. Moreover, PayPal is used everywhere so you can get everything you want very easy.
  • 20 uses of your promo-code will get you Pebble Smartwatch, a trendy reliable gadget that works with Mac and Android. It’s an easy win.
  • With 50 uses IPAD Mini 4 will be yours. No need to explain all the advantages of this gadget.
  • 100 uses and you are happy owner of Iphone 7. Think of it: 4.7 inches display, 250 hours of battery on standby, High-resolution screen, 8 MP camera.
  • Look, who is getting ambitious. For 250 uses Canon IOS 6D will be yours, a professional photo-camera. Owning one neverhurtanybody.
  • 500 uses of your promo-codeand you get MacBook Pro. Powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 13.3″ display diagonal, SSD, 8 GB RAM, only 1.6 Kg weight. It’s getting hot in here.
  • 1000 uses of your code and something unreal can happen to you. It’s more than a dream, it’s Harley Davidson Street.
  • That may sound crazy to you, but you have to believe. For 10,000 sales made by using your promo-code, you can be owner of Tesla Model S, the best electric vehicle in the world.

Amazing Templates OfTemplateMonster

As it was mentioned, TM is one of the leading companies on this field. And this is a high time for you to meet bestsellers to make sure you are not advertising a pig in a poke. All this templates gained their perfect reputation for stunning design, responsiveness, absolute ease in using and customizing. Not to mention clear code and all necessary support for every customer. With these templates presented bellow you can be sure that your page will get a big traffic and good reviews. You will be heard and seen among other cool worth attention pages on the net.

Here we go! Meet favorites of all years and don’t forget to check the demos.

Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme with Trendy Design


Details | Demo

Celebrities WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Style Blog WordPress Theme

Kustrix - Fashion Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fashion Blog WordPress Template

StylePark - Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Travel WP Theme

TripTastic - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Summing up

As you can see, they are all very professional and good looking. You can find more bestselling WordPress themes here. And if you want to know more about TemplateMonster, see some tutorials or talks with the experts – don’t hesitate to visit YouTube channel for more!

Hope you liked this post and everything is clear. In case you have some question please let me know. You will get your answers immediately.

Hope to see you soon among winners of the big prizes in this contest and celebrate with you!

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