Get Your Web Studio with TemplateMonster Certification Center

Web Studio with TemplateMonster

Get Your Web Studio with TemplateMonster Certification Center

Ever dreamt of becoming a web designer and creating cool websites and Internet pages for various projects and businesses? The fact is that modern world gives unlimited opportunities for everyone who has a strong desire of learning something new. And you don’t even need to get out of the bed and go to the university. Many courses are available online.


Of course, you heard of – one of the largest online providers of website templates. One of the best things about this provider is that it not just sells the templates to users. It provides a great range of services – starting from a full tech support for every customer throughout the entire period of a template use, to multiple side-projects that are aimed at improving the customer’s knowledge about web design, development, marketing etc.

The latest project launched by the company in November 2016 allows everyone to undergo training and create their own web studio. It’s called TemplateMonster Certification Center and invites beginners as well as professional developers and designers to get their certificates. Now let’s take a closer look at the project and get some questions you might have answered.

Who can enroll into certification program?

As we already mentioned above, the project is open for everyone interested in website design. The main categories include:

  • Web studios;
  • Freelance developers;
  • Any person who is looking for website building knowledge.

Considering the level of web development knowledge, one can attend online course on basics of the most popular CMS platforms and then pass exams; or simply pass a test and get certified as a TemplateMonster partner.

Beginners: How to Enroll?

If you consider yourself a beginner and wish to undergo training before passing the test, you need first to sign up to a course about website building. The course includes sections that tell about the peculiarities and ways of managing of four the most popular CMS platforms: WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop.

Here you will learn the basics of each CMS, see how the admin panel can be managed, get the knowledge of the installation process. After choosing any of these free courses, you will also try:

  • tweak and customize a ready-made template made for this platform;
  • improve the theme with additional plugins, widgets etc.;
  • install the ready theme and launch a website.
  • At the end of each course you should be take up a short test that will show your understanding of what you have learned.

    Pros: How to Get Certified?

    Those who already work in website building niche, there are even simpler ways of certification. Any of them, be it a freelancer or a web agency, can pass a quick exam to show their proficiency in work with one (or all) of the TemplateMonster platforms. After the knowledge and experience of one are confirmed, they get certified by TemplateMonster.

    Moreover, successful pass of the text will make a freelancer or a web development studio a certified partner of the TemplateMonster company. The name or a title of the studio will be added into a local Web Studio Catalogue. It means that all these people and companies are certified to work with themes and are recommended by the company to its customers.

    There’s no secret that most of template buyers are non-techie persons and need their website to be done for them. It’s a perfect chance for studios to kill two birds with one stone. They get certification about their knowledge of various CMS platforms and get more customers due to recommendation list.

    TemplateMonster customers also benefit from the service. Thus, a customer from Dallas who just bought an OpenCart template can search for a certified local webstudio on TemplateMonster Web Studio Catalogue. And order a customization from this studio. Easy and fast!

    Don’t miss your chance to get new skills or broaden your opportunities in getting more customers. Enroll into the Certification Center program and earn 50% more profit than you have.

    Add a web studio!

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